Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being Different

In today's sermon, Dennis asked us if we were truly different. I mean so different that people would obviously know it. That's troubled me somewhat all day. Of course, I'm way different than I was in college (looks and the things I did) so I guess that's good but have I stopped there? Do people see me as someone who loves or someone they can trust or rely on? I don't really know but I know I could always do better.  Am I any different at home? I know I spend way too much time on my netbook and DS, instead of praying or reading. The kids rarely see me do either. That's something I can definitely improve. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow and hope to get started there. I'm trying to abide by what we studied in Sunday School from Psalm 119: 16

16 I delight in your decrees; 
       I will not neglect your word.

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