Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Don't I Pray Like This?

"Holy Spirit of God, visit now this soul of mine, and tarry within it until the eventide. Inspire all my thoughts. Pervade all my imaginations. Suggest all my decisions. Lodge in my soul's most inward citadel, and order all my doings. Be with me in silence and in my speech, in my haste and in my leisure, in company and in solitude, in the freshness of the morning and the weariness of the evening. Give me grace at all times to rejoice in Thy mysterious companionship."
  - John Baillie
Wow, were people just deeper back then or am I just so much more shallow? Makes you wonder how different one would be if this prayer were prayed every morning. Maybe that's why John Baillie has his words quoted even today and a Wikipedia entry.

NOTE: For more on John Baillie, click here

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Signs from Harry Hines Blvd near Dallas Love Field

I'll bet this place was hoppin' back in the day. I'd hate to think what's hoppin' there now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tagxedo - Tag Cloud with Styles

I've tried this site before Tagxedo - Tag Cloud with Styles. It makes a tag cloud out of whatever text you enter. I used "The Love of God" lyrics for a test. What do you think?


Do people talking on their cell phones about stuff you really don't want to hear annoy you? Then join SHHH - The Society for HandHeld Hushing. Click the image to the left for more information and to download a PDF of the the card (and others) for your own use. CAUTION: One of the cards contains profanity so use discretion when opening.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andy McKee = Holy Cow!

This Andy McKee video officially blew my mind. What do you think? I'm guessing he's playing in some sort of open tuning but what?.

Avett Brothers - iTunes Video of the Day

My current favorite band - The Avett Brothers - are today's free video of the day on iTunes (Thanks for the heads up Tim Green). I can't really pinpoint what it is about them - maybe their honesty or the punk elements they toss in - but I can't get enough. Plus, it's fun to play along. You either love them or hate them, seemingly. If you haven't heard them yet, go to Grooveshark and give them a listen. I hope to see them live some day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sky Styler Freestyle Disc from Discraft

I just bought a new frisbee (or flying disc): the Sky Styler Freestyle Disc from Discraft from Disc Golf Station. I saw some guys flying a frisbee in Myrtle Beach in stiff wind that flew really straight. I did some research and bought the disc listed above. While browsing around the site, I found some disc golf packages. Seth and I have been playing disc golf on Wii Sports Resort and it's fun. Recently, Roane County Park installed a disc golf course. I want to try it out. Maybe I'll get myself a golf package. We'll see. If I do, I'll definitely get it from Disc Golf Station, especially since they offer free shipping.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being Different

In today's sermon, Dennis asked us if we were truly different. I mean so different that people would obviously know it. That's troubled me somewhat all day. Of course, I'm way different than I was in college (looks and the things I did) so I guess that's good but have I stopped there? Do people see me as someone who loves or someone they can trust or rely on? I don't really know but I know I could always do better.  Am I any different at home? I know I spend way too much time on my netbook and DS, instead of praying or reading. The kids rarely see me do either. That's something I can definitely improve. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow and hope to get started there. I'm trying to abide by what we studied in Sunday School from Psalm 119: 16

16 I delight in your decrees; 
       I will not neglect your word.

Nedroid Picture Diary

Nedroid is the best comic on the web hands down. Don't read it or you'll be hooked like I was going through all the past entries. Here's a sampling of one of my favorites - Nedroid Picture Diary.

WARNING: This bears repeating. You may become addicted. Try to read just one.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thing A Day - Hawaiian Tiki Shirt

Today's item is a Diamond Head Sportswear (Made in Hawaii) mens shirt with Tiki and tribal emblems. It's a size large, 100% rayon, with wood buttons (maybe coconut). This chick magnet shirt could be yours for a mere $5.00!

Field Notes - Love 'em!

I recently broke down and bought some Field Notes (they were on sale, of course). These are pocket sized (3.5 X 5.5 in) notebooks. These durable little 48-page books have numerous uses - jotting down notes, tracking yard sale finds and how much I sell them for, Sunday school class ideas, and calorie counting to name a few. Here's the one I carry daily on the left. I've used a Palm Pilot, smartphones, an iPhone but, for me, nothing beats good ol' paper and pencil. You get three of these for $9.95 plus shipping.

Ask me about mine if you see me; I should have one on me.

The New Blog

Alrighty! I'm launching into the blogosphere today. My attempts to rid myself of 1 thing per day (see A Thing A Day for more info) have prompted me to try this. Just by looking at the header photo, you can get an idea about my need to part with junk (Michelle's term, not mine). Don't get me wrong, I'll still be getting stuff; just pared down to needs or strong wants or items to sell on ebay. This is also an exercise in trying to learn to be content and to be more generous. So, you cheapskates out there better watch this page.

I intend to talk about basically anything that crosses my mind. Facebook is good for this sort of thing but not for everything. Watch for talk about estate sale and thrift store finds, retro and mid-century modern stuff, old signs from my travels, sports, longboarding, and more. My interests are extremely varied. More later.